Powerfully Simple Tools to
Deliver Articles and Fill Repositories

Libraries have led the charge to open up access to the scholarly literature. We help turn that leadership into leverage to reduce costs, to save staff time, to improve library services, and to open up even more content.

To do that we've built, in partnership with librarians, a suite of powerfully simple tools that help deliver articles and fill your repository. They're free, easy to use, open-source, and community-controlled tools to catalyse Open.

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Deliver Articles

Provide one-click access to legal, full-text articles, wherever your users are, while reducing reliance on subscriptions by leveraging Open Access and, streamlining Interlibrary Loans.


InstantILL instantly delivers papers your patrons need from your holdings, Open Access and simplifies your ILL process to save you and your patrons money and time. It’s free, open source, community owned and easily set up in minutes.

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More Tools to Deliver Articles


OA in ILL for Illiad, Clio, Alma & Email. Wipe 5% off your ILL budget and delivery times, and discover a new way to advocate for Open Access, today. No complex installation, no training required.

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Help your patrons find OA resources from your ILL forms, Libguides and E-resources pages. Easily find Open Access articles from your Interlibrary Loan pages or Libguides. No coding required.

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Find 1000's of of Open Access articles all at once without wasting an afternoon or sneaking into CS classes. Give us a list of articles as a spreadsheet, and we'll tell you which ones are Open Access.

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Harnessing OA on your Campus

An overview of the many ways you and your patrons can utilize Open Access content. Here we highlight key information about free, open-source, nonprofit, and community - centric options for you and your campus.

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OA in ILL Handbook

Handbook for ILL practioners on Open Access. written in collaboration with Tina Baich, Head of Resource Sharing & Delivery Services and Bibliographic & Metadata Service at IUPUI University Library and ex-Chair of ALA RUSA STARS.

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Open Access Button For your Patrons

Hundreds of libraries recommend the Open Access Button as a great way for their patrons, on campus and off, enrolled or alumni, to get free, fast, and legal access to research. Want to do the same?

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Simple guides to integrating Open Access content into your library search & link resolver.

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Millions of searches for free articles
Thousands of authors engaged
Hundreds of libraries use & reccomend the tools

Fill your Repository

Make self-archiving the simplest thing researchers do to increase their impact. Drag, drop, done. That’s the deposit workflow our tools enable, whatever repository you use.


Sharing should be simple. With shareyourpaper.org, we'll make sure that deposit into any repository is just that. For libraries, shareyourpaper.org helps you fill your repository by offering the simplest possible deposit workflow for authors, saves you time, and requires no migrations or upgrades to your current repository.

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More Tools to Fill your Repository

Article Version Explainer

Helping authors deposit the right content. An explainer for authors trying to share the correct version of their article with author friendly language, worked examples, and tips on tracking down versions.

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How to's Helping Author's Find AAMs. Simple jargon free, step-by-step guides for authors to self-archive quickly, and correctly.

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Self-Archiving Email Templates

Our tried and tested templates are here to help get authors enthusiastic and educated about self-archiving.

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Automated Permissions Checker

Permission checking with 100s of articles or journals in seconds, and for each one get embargos, completed deposit statements, metadata, open access availability, and more.

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We’re not going to paywall our tools.
So we need your leadership.

You’ve seen our tools, now here’s the strategy: Redirect money and power in scholarly communications by reducing reliance on subscriptions. This will give libraries leverage to negotiate better prices and fairer terms with publishers to create a more equitable and open world.

To reduce reliance on subscriptions, community owned tools have to Deliver Articles and Fill your Repository.

To continue our cutting edge work, we need your support.

Leadership Benefits

Local Benefits for You & Your Patrons

  • Extra features: on InstantILL and Shareyourpaper.org that benefit your library
  • Priority support: <18 hour response time 24/7.
  • Priority training & set up: If you need a hand, we're here!
  • Priority input: Guide the direction of our tools.
  • Early access: You’ll get new tools, and news, first.
  • Recognition of your leadership: Thanks on our site, and interviews on your thoughts.

Equitable Infrastructure For All

  • Enables innovation towards lower costs and better services, including for your library.
  • Supports non-APC driven Open Access lowers the cost of providing first class access.
  • Supports people who can’t pay to use our tools.
  • Supports competition with for-profit alternatives, and lower reliance on subscription content.
  • Supports maintenance
  • Supports open, transparent, community-owned, privacy-centric, values-aligned infrastructure.
  • Supports social infrastructure like OpenCon and SPARC.

Leadership Investment

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