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Shareyourpaper.org can work with any repository. Our job is to make it easy for authors to do a legal deposit, and then get the files to you as conveniently as possible.

By default, we’ll email you the files and associated metadata and permissions information.

How would you like to get deposits into your repository?

In all these cases, we want to export this in the easiest format for your repository. If you make a converter (e.g to take spreadsheets we give and make it easy to put in DSpace or Bepress), please let us know and we’ll build it in!

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Manually: one by one

We will always email you whenever you get a deposit.

Currently, you can’t turn these off. If you don’t want them you can put in a fake email address.

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Manually: bulk upload

If you have a lot of deposits, it might make sense to do bulk uploads. If you’re not sure how to do bulk uploads, consult the help documents for your system.

We can export your deposit activity as a .csv. You can download:

And you can get them from the following date

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Programmatically: OAI-PMH

Your repository may already support automatic ingestion of content from OAI-PMH feeds. If so, here’s how to generate one from your shareyourpaper.org account.

Go to Zenodo and set up a community. These can be used to generate OAI-PMH feeds from the content we’re putting in Zenodo.

To get Shareyourpaper.org to link to your community, let us know the URL.

Your OAI-PMH feed can be found on the community homepage and can take a number of formats.

Please note, we can’t do this retroactively for your deposits.

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Programmatically: API

Every shareyourpaper.org account comes with an API that developers and the very curious can use to see all the activity.

This can be used to automatically ingest content that comes through your account. You can learn how to use it in our developer documentation.

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Programmatically: Direct Deposit (Coming Soon)

We plan to use SWORD to enable direct deposits into your repository, witout putting them in Zenodo, while still hopefully still providing an instant link to authors.

Since setting this up for your repository will take work on our part, we can only provide this to libraries who support our work through our leadership tier. To find our more, go here.

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I don’t have an institutional repository

That’s no problem! You can keep it that way, or we can even help you set up a free, lightweight, code-free repository with all the essential features of a repository.

This is because we deposit all files into Zenodo. Zenodo is an open-source, community-owned general repository funded by CERN and the European Commission. It excellently managed, has a strong track record, and strong preservations plans.

If you’d like to make your own Institutional Repository, you can get the vast majority of the features by using Zenodo Communities.

For your community, you’ll be able to:

  • Curate — accept/reject what goes in your community collection.
  • Export — your community collection is automatically exported via OAI-PMH
  • Upload — get custom upload link to send to people (with not just articles, data, posters, presentation, theses, everything!)
  • Brand — communities can include your logo
  • Search — just your collections
  • Be discovered — as Zenodo is indexed by a wide variety of services!

The service is free, and you don’t need to manage or maintain anything. Zenodo is actively developing this to be more powerful.

To get Shareyourpaper.org to link to your community, let us know the URL.

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1 of 6: General

These questions help make sure shareyourpaper.org performs how you and authors expect. There are multiple parts to this, and you’ll be able to set up your preferences for different types of deposit, metadata, and more.

What is the name of your repository?

Where can we find the terms and conditions of usage for your repository

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2 of 6: Open Access Deposit

When something is Open Access already, we let authors know!

You have a choice: by default, we let scholars confirm they want it in your repository, too. Or, if you’d prefer not to, we won’t..

Turn off the ability to deposit already open access content?


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3 of 6: Deposit when publisher PDFs are allowed

Occasionally, subscription journals will allow you to deposit a publisher's PDF. If they do, we know that, and will show that option.

Right now, there is nothing to configure here, we’re just letting you know. Soon, we’ll let you have authors only give their email address, not the file, to confirm deposit. That’ll make it a bit easier for authors, and a bit more work for you.

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4 of 6: Request-only Deposit

Request-only deposit is where publisher PDFs which can’t be shared openly are stored in the repository and only accessible on request. It's often known as dark deposit. This process allows on-request access instead of systematic distribution.

Note: When we come out of testing, we'll let you change this!

Would you like to turn off dark deposit?

Please note. We recommend against this, as it allows authors to always make their work more available. If you turn it off, the tool will suggest they request permissions from the journal.


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5 of 6: Metadata (coming soon)

We gather almost all essential metadata automatically, however, we plan to allow customized manual metadata input after deposit (e.g department info).

Since this will take work on our part, we can only provide this to libraries who support our work through our leadership tier. To find our more, go here.

Of course, at any time, you’re free to put cover sheets on what we give you, but doing it this way gives you less work and is how we sustain the tool.

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6 of 6: Coversheets (coming soon)

We want to make sure your authors work looks professional, and shares your brand. To do that, we plan to add cover sheets to each record.

Since this will take work on our part, we can only provide this to libraries who support our work through our leadership tier. To find our more, go here.

Of course, at any time, you’re free to put coversheets on what we give you, but doing it this way gives you less work and is how we sustain the tool.

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Open Access Policy (Coming Soon)

If you have an Open Access Policy that gives your patrons more rights to deposit (i.e Harvard style), you can tell us about it. If you don’t, or only have a policy that encourages deposit, you can skip this.

What is your institutions’ Research Organization Registry ID (ROR ID)?

You can find the ID here. If there isn’t a ROR for the institution with the policy, e.g a University Library, choose the university instead.

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Website & Brand

Shareyourpaper.org can be integrated onto any webpage on your website, and blend in with your brand.

To do that you can follow these simple instructions or send these to your developers.

First, include the following in the source code (HTML) of your page:

<script src="https://openaccessbutton.org/static/shareyourpaper.js"></script><script>shareyourpaper();</script>
<div id="shareyourpaper"></div>

You can control where the search widget gets displayed by moving:

<div id="shareyourpaper"></div>

If you don’t think it’s styled corrected, a developer can help you. If you have one, great, if not reach out.

You should now be good to go!

Use high performance embed code?

Once you're happy with your shareyourpaper.org settings we can provide code that upgrades the performance of your embed. Please note, using this will mean your version will not respond to changes you make here without you re-copying the embed code onto your site


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Pilot & Rollout

Once you're all set up, and you know it's working, it's time to put Shareyourpaper.org in patron's hands.

Have you rolled it out?

Only click this around when you rollout Shareyourpaper.org to patrons. This helps us support you best, and understand how we're doing.


Activate pilot mode?

Pilot mode makes it easy to rollout a pilot. Patrons will know why you're trying something new, be able to give feedback and go back to old way.


Can others contact you to find out about Shareyourpaper.org?

Yes, sign me up!

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We know how important outreach is to getting deposits, both from you and champions outside the library. Our hope is that Shareyourpaper.org frees up time to do outreach, and makes it more effective as depositing is easier to do and recommend to others.

To make outreach easier, we’ve given every paper a direct link to deposit into your repository.

When you click this link, you’ll be taken direct to the simplest way to deposit your work. You can use them in emails (including to generate mail merges), and be sure that if the paper isn’t already Open Access, the person getting the link will be able to make the work more open.


You need to be logged in to set up Shareyourpaper.org. It only takes a moment.


We use your email to contact you about Shareyourpaper.org, and ensure only you can access your settings.


This is a stub for an FAQ. It'll work just like you'd expect when we have questions.

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Not got your quesiton answered?

Drop Joe@openaccessbutton.org an email.

Think you've found an issue?

Report it here.

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OAB Only

These are options needed only for the Open Access Button instance of shareyourpaper.org.

Turn on try it now and learn more?


Are you not a library?

We am not, but we're fans